Goodbye haters

 and naysayers

Imagine if you could no longer be harmed while sharing your life and opinions. Some call it liberating. We call it Presence.

Simplicity made software

With only one screen and three icons, this is the simplest app you can use on a phone. Yet, it is a very powerful one. Stories informs you of what is going on, while Instant lets you communicate and get notified of anything relevant.

A totally

different Story

No, you cannot embellish your photos with that childish feature... You can instead use Stories to create meaningful contents or express your opinions about what is happening in the world - and we think you'll love it!

Don't fear, be yourself

Sharing with others should never be a worry. For this reason, likes and replies on Presence are private. So, nobody can publicly attack you for what you share and you can stop caring about how many likes you will receive.

A new level of interaction

Sometimes things are too good not to like or save. And with a content fitting the entire display, why not do that with a super quick double-tap? For everything else, just press down and you are good to go.

Access world's information

Press down the circle icon to go search mode. Categories will keep you entertained with the topics you like the most - and you can always search Stories by users or tags for more particular requests.

Privacy beyond compare

Social media collects massive amount of users' data. They do that because they use what is yours to make money. With Presence, that belongs to the past. Not only we encrypt your messages, but each time you search or save something, you do it anonymously.

Also, we don’t track you outside Presence and we don’t profile you to the liking of third parties. So when you come across a specific story or advert, you know we are serving you and nobody else.

Our Manifesto

Iose' Magno, Founder & CEO